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  • Hub Updates

    + HOW CAN I HELP? Write a stakeholder (that's you) Letter of Support--tailor the template HERE or write your own using these guidelines:


    Purpose: FoDH has been asked by UCSF to supply letters of support for our effort to build the Dogpatch Hub–the first publicly accessible community space in Dogpatch.

    Address to: Ellie Rossiter, Interim Vice Chancellor, Community & Government Relations

    Send via Email to: Ellie.Rossiter@ucsf.edu

    Please Cc: dogpatchhub@gmail.com 

    In your letter please:

    Introduce yourself. Explain who you are, what your relationship is with Dogpatch and the Hub effort.

    Clearly state your support and highlight your relationship with FoDH and the importance of the Hub cause.

    Say Why: Why do you need the Hub? Why is it important to you, your family, your community? Why does the Hub matter?

    Conclude: summarize your key points and restate the value of the Hub and why you are offering your support + any final details that could sway your reader.

    Keep it short–no longer than 2 pages

    Sign with your name and address.


    + HOW CAN I LEARN MORE? Download the Hub Prospectus and read through the details. You can also attend an upcoming community meetings at DNA , PDMA, GBD or the Boosters to hear presentations by the FoDH board.


    + WHAT'S NEXT? We'll be kicking off community design and program meetings in Spring 2023. Join our mailing list below to keep informed and participate in community surveys, design and programming charettes as we prepare to open the Hub.


    Dogpatch neighbors need a communal space with no barriers to entry. A place without any particular creed, that embraces all our cultures. Some space to meet, to talk, to sing, to be quiet, to debate, to laugh, to perform, to get to know one another, to listen.

    We call this place the Dogpatch Hub

  • the Hub Concept

    The Hub is a "third place"--it will be built with the intention to foster community engagement, civic encounters and the connection and intersection of population sectors traditionally unlikely to interact. The Hub will offer opportunities for healthy debate as well as educational and informative programming and services for all segments of our population.
  • About

    FAQ and More

    What is the Hub?

    Essentially it's a new community living room...

    The Dogpatch Hub will be the first ever community-serving, publicly accessible neighborhood facility in Dogpatch. The Central Waterfront lacks community serving spaces, and the most rapid population growth since WWII only makes this need more acute.

    Where will the Hub be located?

    1278 Minnesota Street!

    At he intersection of Minnesota and 24th Street--just across from Minnesota Grove and next to Philz Coffee.

    When will the Hub be built?

    We hope to open in Q1 2023...

    We are working to finalize the lease and develop the interior plan for the space at 1278 Minnesota. Join our effort and make a donation today.

    Who is working on the Hub project?

    Dogpatch & Potrero community leaders and resident volunteers

    Friends of Dogpatch Hub, a nonprofit public charity, formed in 2016 in response to the growing challenges affecting the Dogpatch community in the face of the extraordinary development boom. Our goal is to bring necessary and lacking public amenities to our neighborhood by working with the City, local developers and our community.

    What can I do to help?

    Community support comes in many shapes, sizes and colors!

    All forms of help are welcome! From writing letters of support to attending workshops to donating time and resources. To Donate, click here, to volunteer please email us, for workshops and letters of support requests, join our mailing list below.

  • Connect

    We can't wait to hear from you! Be a part of the Dogpatch Hub project in a small way, or a BIG one.


    All are Welcome

    The FoDH Board of Directors is made up of Dogpatch and Potrero community leaders and residents all donating their time and expertise to bring the Hub to fruition. We are currently looking for new board candiates. We welcome your ideas and your input.

    To volunteer just send us an email!

    Learn More

    Hub Goals:

    By building the Hub we can:

    + Offer critical neighborhood services and much-needed programming to a community that has been historically under-served despite the benefits promised in the 2008 Eastern Neighborhood rezoning.


    + Bring together an increasingly diverse community that is on track to quintuple its population by 2025, to weave together a new community fabric.


    + Stabilize our neighborhood by supporting working families with local, quality youth programming, and in so doing help to keep them in San Francisco–a city with the lowest rate of children per capita in the U.S.


    Give the Gift of Community

    It will take everyone's support to build a thriving neighborhood hub. Every dollar counts and demonstrates our community’s collective commitment towards this project. Donations are securely processed by Paypal.

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    Building soon. We'll keep you up to date on progress.

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    mailing address: 904 22nd St SF CA 94107