• Dogpatch Hub Support

    The Hub, a non-profit public charity, must fund-raise to cover annual programs and operations. GIVE TODAY  

    Community support comes in many shapes, sizes and colors!

    It took over seven years and much generosity to bring the Hub to fruition. We are extremely grateful for all!

    Listed below are all the people, businesses and organizations who have contributed to making the Hub happen.

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    Time and energy have contributed massively to the building of the Hub. From the thousands of hours given by our volunteer board, to critical weeks of moving, cleaning, connecting and facility setup donated by community members who share the Hub mission.


    FoDH BOARD (Past & Present)

    Katherine Doumani

    Mark Dwight

    J. R. Eppler

    Bruce Huie

    Heidi Dunkelgod

    Kayne Doumani

    Colin Ensley

    Cynthia Burks

    John Ramsbacher

    Liz Mullen

    Subhanu Samarajiva

    Callista Shepherd

    Richard Romero

    Donovan Lacy

    Jeanne Anyanwu McCoy

    Alicia Murasaki

    Kopal Maheshwari

    Sean Harris



    Alexander Cowan

    Cori Shearer

    Chasen Richards

    Barb Fritz

    Kayla Hughes

    Lyndsay Shallich

    Jessica Hyman

    Jessica Ip

    Linda James

    Jordan Rode



    Barb Fritz

    Vanessa Aquino

    Janice Shepherd


    Francesca Austria

    Claudia Landivar

    Karen Larson

    Mike Shane

    Ken French



    Jared Doumani

    Hariel Goontelieke

    John Smith 

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    Furniture & Materials

    Nearly every item in the Hub has been donated by the generous groups, individuals and organizations listed below, all keeping the Hub's grassroots ethos in mind and recognizing that our raised funds will go that much further if we can repurpose, reuse and recycle.




    The Eppler Family

    Callista Shepherd Smith

    The Doumani Family

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    Funds & In Kind

    Since the inception of the Hub concept, community donations have kept the dream alive. Starting in 2016 and continuting to today, the folks listed below showed faith in our mission to open a community center in Dogpatch by giving both cash and in-kind professional support and services.


    BENEFACTORS $10,001K+


    California Barrel Company

    Associate Capital

    The Power Station


    LEADERS $5001-$10K

    Aussie Naturals

    901 Tennessee LLC

    TEF Design


    ADVOCATES $1001-$5K

    R Group

    2800 Third Street LLC

    The DeBoer Peters Family

    The Doumani Family


    SUPPORTERS $101-$1000

    Mark Dwight

    J. R. Eppler

    Heidi Dunkelgod

    Kayne Doumani

    John Ramsbacher

    Liz Mullen

    Callista Shepherd

    Lindsay Shallich


    FRIENDS $5-$100

    Susan Eslick

    Bruce Huie

    Elizabeth De Renzi

    Mario Sabado

    Peter Linenthal

    Veronica Nye

    Jonathan Gumicio